Grief and Loss

You may be grieving the death of a loved one, or you may be grieving the loss of something important to you (whether it be tangible – the loss of personal possessionals – or intangible – the loss of an opportunity, a dream, a relationship, etc.). Grief takes on many forms, but it is a natural response to a major loss in one’s life. The most intense feelings of grief usually last for approximately two months; however, some milder symptoms typically remain for much longer. In fact, feelings of grief may reappear throughout one’s life as s/he encounters new life milestones, opportunities, transitions, and changes.

While the grieving process itself is a healthy one, it is also a time during which you may benefit from therapy. In our sessions, we will work closely together to both recognize the loss you have endured, validate the grief you are feeling, honor the memory of what was and what could have been, and develop positive, healthy coping methods as you move forward.

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